Ámboa and Maeloc are four cosy shops located in the heart of Santiago de Compostela.

    Since 1983, we have been specialized in providing you the best craftsmanship from different places of the Spanish geography. We also offer handcrafted jewels in silver that range from the most traditional to the most innovative designs.
    Jet is a fossil mineral originally vegetal that has been used as ornamental stone since ancient times by Egyptians and Romans.

    Jet goldwork is the most distinctive traditional craft in Compostela and represents the talisman of the Way of Saint James, pilgrim guardian, and is attributed curative properties and against “evil eye”.
    The Way of Saint James is a route that’s brimming with history, legends and art, and boasts a wealth of landscapes and natural settings as diverse as they are unforgettable.

    The French Way is the most traditional of all the pilgrims’ ways to Santiago, was established in the 11th century and internationally recognised as one of the historical symbols of European unity.